About Us

One of the greatest threats to a child's smile is dental decay.  For lower income families, the barriers to obtain even the basic dental care are real and daunting.  Sealants for Smiles is a 501(c)(3) public charity providing oral health services to Title I and low-income elementary schools.  Our mission is to save a child's smile by providing oral health education and dental sealants to children who would otherwise never have access to these services.

Sealants for Smiles is the only school-based dental sealant program in Utah. We provide oral health education, application of dental sealants, and fluoride varnish application to at-risk children in Salt Lake, Tooele and Davis Counties. The program serves children in Title I and low income schools, where more than 50% of children are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

The Value of Your Contribution

The Value of Your Contribution

We Document Dental Need
of the children we screeen have unmet dental needs
26% of the children we screen have
moderate to urgent dental needs

We Provide Needed Services
We provide annual program services to more than 9,000 underserved Utah children and place more than 16,000 sealants on children who would otherwise not receive this preventitive benefit.

We Evaluate Services Provided
In addition to providing our services to the 2nd and 6th grade children, we are rescreening more than 20% of the sealants placed the previous year.

We Measure Effectiveness (Outcomes)
Only 3.6% of children recreened have evidence of dental decay in the sealed teeth compared to dental decay found in 60-70% of children with similar demographics and age with no dental sealants.

The Value of your Contribution
The American Dental education Association (ADEA) and the Coalition on Oral Health Care estimate for every $1 spent on prevention in oral health care, as much as $50 is saved in office and emergency dental procedures.