What services do Sealants for Smiles provide?

All children in the school (from Pre-K to 6th grade) receive the following:

Oral hygiene education for children
A 30 minute presentation that covers nutrition, brushing, flossing, fluoride and sealants. The presentation utilizes age specific information.

Children returning a signed affirmative parental permission form may receive the following:

Oral health screening & exam
A licensed Utah dentist and a team of registered dental hygienists provide an oral health screening

Topical fluoride application
Topical fluoride varnish is applied to all errupted teeth

Dental sealants
Working from portable dental chairs, registered dental hygienists place dental sealants on all eligible first and second permanent molar teeth. CDC school-based dental sealant guidelines and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens requirements are strictly followed.

Children with immediate dental needs are referred to low-cost or no-cost dental care
Parents, of children who are identified as needing additional dental care, are provided with information about low-cost or no-cost dental clinics in their area. School nurses and local health department personnel are also provided with a list of children with dental needs.