Caring for Your New Sealants

  • Your new sealants may feel "different" or "high" when you chew or bite your teeth together for the next few days. This is very normal.

  • It is OK if small pieces of the sealant come off your teeth, but if the whole sealant comes off, have your dentist replace it.

  • You may eat and drink whatever you want, but try to avoid sticky candy.

  • You can still get cavities with sealants, so be sure to brush, floss and see your dentist for regular check-ups.

Caring for Your Teeth after Fluoride Varnish application

  • Don't brush your teeth until bedtime after receiving your fluoride varnish application. This will allow the varnish to continue to release fluoride all day and strengthen the enamel.

  • Don't eat hard, chewy, or sticky foods the day of treatment, such as apples, carrots, chewing gum, and sticky candies. These foods will remove the varnish.

  • Occasionally, the varnish can cause an upset stomach if some of the fluoride was swallowed during application. This should go away after a few hours. If problems persist, please contact your doctor for evaluation.